Picture Recap: Part Three - Odessa and Goodbye

An excessive amount of seaweed in the water causes us to grow seaweed mustaches
With the help of my towelcape and old-man hat, I develop super powers
All the interns in Odessa!
Karaoke Night
Supernatural forces cause Ada's hair to get stuck in her hairdryer, and lock her in the bathroom. The rest of us drink vodka and laugh.
After a night of police, bumper cars, and shisha, we watch the sun rise over the Black Sea
Ferris Wheel at one of Ukraine's random small amusement parks
So pretty..
Wax Museum
Random walks and cloud gazing in public places. Odessa <3
  A Short Return to Kyiv
Ping pong becomes violent
Metre-long pizza!
Bowling Night
The last time that I ever see Guru and Yvette((((
 Final Goodbye in Kyiv

Finally get to the Lavra
Palata No.6 and tequila shots!
Papa Carson wears his pretty clothes
The apartment is a little crowded by this point...
OMG a SUPERmarket!
One last party in the flat, it is a success
Final night. I buy a wiccy wonka and look damn sexy in it
We all hang out one last time, Ira makes a funny face
...and goodbyes
...and goodbyes
*sigh* aww.....Goodbye Ukraine

for all the friendships....
for all the memories....
for all the unforgettable experiences...

Thank You Ukraine!

I Miss You!

Picture Recap: Part Two - Camp Life

Camp 1: Leadership Camp
6 of the 30 kids from Leadership Camp
No chairs, sit on each other!
I make you play silly games!
The ground is made of lava!
No idea
'and I drink your milkshake!'
The aftermath of a flour fight
just a kid wearing a dress
This is how they acted every night when it was time for lights out
Ghost stories and smores!
Playing 'Phase 10' with the kids
Business pitches (I taught them something!)
Camp 2: English School
Welcome to my classroom
No jumping allowed. I don't think I was a very good camp counselor
Somewhere near the Ukraine-Hungary border
Ukrainian Spiderman
Some quality time with Franz
No comment

One day we all just threw rocks at a log in the creek
 The View
The town of Skole, where my camp was. 12 hours from Kyiv
My back yard, the Carpathian mountains
The small town of Grebeniv nearby
A 3 hour, $1.30 train ride to get this view in L'viv
The view when you take a stroll up the mountains
Driving through the Ukrainian countryside, sharing the road with cattle
Enough snakes, frogs, lizards, and spiders to go around (they were in my bed too)

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